CRM for Marketing

Maximise your Marketing efforts

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a CRM marketing solution that is flexible, easy to use and engineered to fit your business.

Keep track of all your campaigns with configurable dashboards.

       CRM Dashboard - Marketing


Add or integrate any profile information to all your Contacts, Accounts and Leads.

Use these profiles as criteria to build, save and re-use marketing lists with the easy-to-use segmentation facilities.

       Advanced Find


Microsoft CRM for Marketing provides

  • Ability to create highly targeted lists and associate them with campaigns
  • Campaign source tracking on all leads and opportuniities
  • Better coordinate with sales by tracking leads in one centralised system
  • Automatically assign or score leads based on predefined workflows
  • Use guided dialogues to streamline the lead qualification process
  • Export lists into multiple formats for bulk email or direct-mail communications.
  • Save time and money with reusable campaign templates
  • Options to integrate advanced email marketing
  • Ability to initiate and distribute campaigns and communications instantly
  • Use embedded Mail Merge capabilities to instantly send mass communications
  • Duplicate detection facilities and data importing