System Integration

CRM Integration Services

Integrating data from your existing systems into CRM provides a more complete picture of your clients. This helps sales and marketing to be more proactive, and customer service staff to be more responsive. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, often referred to as front office systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, often referred to as back office systems, can be integrated to provide a more complete view of your customer.

Will Microsoft CRM integrate to my systems?

Often this is the wrong question. The right question is "how will Microsoft CRM integrate to my systems?". Whether your back office system is an ERP from SAP, Oracle, Baan, Sage, Dynamics or many other providers, ConsultCRM has a Data Integration Framework that simplifies the integration. This can also handle complex integrations to any other type of system including production, logistic and transaction systems. So you need to look beyond the "can it integrate?" or "can ConsultCRM do it?" question, and focus on how we can help you get there. In addition to our own integration experience and tools, there are many other connectors and middleware tools that can facilitate your integration.

 Some typical integration points are:

  • Financial transactions
  • Customer record synchronisation
  • Order history
  • Order fulfilment and order status
  • Invoice and collections information
  • Installed base of assets or equipment
  • Product catalogue synchronisation
  • Product pricing configuration
  • Contract information

Integration reduces systems complexity and helps organisations derive more value from data. Our team of integration specialists use integrations tools including our own Integration Framework along with industry standard XML messaging to enable transparent data transfer between multiple systems.

Integration can flow in a single direction or both ways to or from your chosen system(s). We will need to assess the extent of information that needs to be integrated, the source systems involved, the frequency required (real-time or batch process), and any data marshalling or manipulation that may need to occur.

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