Visual Hierarchy for Dynamics CRM 2013

Show me the Relationships!

When you look at a record in CRM you may want to see a hierarchy of related records; perhaps the related contacts, the sales opportunities, the company subsidiaries, and much more. You may also want to see this in one screen view, without the need open up every single record.

Visual Hierarchy allows you to add multiple different hierarchy views to your CRM system. Now you can see an expanded hierarchy of items for a record in its own right, as well as all the related records. You can apply this to any record such as an Account to see subsidiaries, or an Opportunity to see all the related parties, or indeed to any custom records you have created. Within the hierarchy view you can then drill further to open up the record.

Finally you can choose what you see in the hierarchy information, and even apply criteria that you would use in Advanced Find - such as;  “only show Cases that are high priority” or “only show Opportunities above 75% probability” or “only show Contacts where the job title contains Director”.

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